Skype App - Use with Local Account in Windows 8

How to Sign Up and Sign In to Skype App using Local Account instead of Microsoft Account

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Quite a many of us want to keep using a Local Account (no email address needed) instead of a Microsoft Account (logon tied to an email address) as the primary Windows 8 user account. If you later change your mind you can always convert a Local User Account to a Microsoft Account.

Windows 8 and 8.1 hides the option to use Windows Store apps from local accounts in plain sight. If you are not careful when signing up or signing in to Skype or other Store Apps, then your user account will be switched from a Local Account to a Microsoft Account.

This tutorial will show you how to sign up or sign in to the Skype app with a local account without having to switch to a Microsoft account in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

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If you are satisfied with Skype Desktop App you have nothing to worry; download and install it and sign in with your Skype name, no email or Microsoft account will be needed although Skype Desktop App also allows signing in with a Microsoft Account or Facebook credentials if you prefer those:


(Not available for Windows RT.)

Here's How:
  1. If Skype App for some reason is not installed, install it from the Windows Store
  2. Launch Skype App. When installed you'll find it on Start Screen or by typing Skype to Charms Search:

  3. When Skype App is run first time on local user account it asks the user to enter the Windows password. Do not do it, instead click the link at the bottom Sign into each app separately instead (not recommend):

    • Do not care about the "not recommended" part, it's just a subtle way to tell you Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Account instead of a local account ;)
  4. Now you will need a Microsoft Account but it will not be tied to your Windows user account. Only way not to use a Microsoft Account with Skype is to use Skype Desktop App as told in the beginning of this tutorial. Sign in or if you have no Microsoft Account or want to use a dummy one just for Skype, sign up to create one:

  5. If you have an existing Skype Account (Skype name), click I have a Skype account and jump to step 8 below, if you are new to Skype and would like to sign up for an account click I'm new to Skype:

  6. New to Skype: You only have one more step, accept the terms and join Skype. Notice that you cannot select your Skype name yourself but instead it will be as you entered in step 3 above:

  7. In the future you will sign in using the Microsoft Account credentials you gave in step 3 above
  8. Existing Skype Account:
    • Skype Account tied to Microsoft Account given in step 3 above found, accept the account shown or provide another account:

    • Skype Account tied to Microsoft Account given in step 3 above not found, enter your Skype credentials:

  9. Windows merges now your existing Skype account with the Microsoft Account you gave in step 3 above. In the future you can sign in using both your Skype or Microsoft Account credentials:

  10. Notice that a Skype account can only be merged with one Microsoft Account:

That's it. Now you can start using the Skype App for Windows 8 and still continue using your local Windows user account.




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