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Several Windows updates fail


I have had several updates fail in the last few days and last night I got a screen blue screen that was much different than any BSOD that I have had in the past so am not sure if it represents the same thing as past BSOD. It was simply a blue screen with a frown and a message REFERENCE_BY_POINTER. I rebooted the computer and decided to try installing the failed updates one at a time and the first one I tried gave an error code 8007371b.

I did a search and found the following thread which seemed to be the same issues as I was having. I ran the first DISM scan and it gave the same error as the original poster so I ran the second command and again got the same message as he did.

I also checked the services and my Windows Module Installer is set to automatic rather than manual as was shown in the other thread but not sure if this would be causing the issues. I didn't follow any more of the instructions as I see at least one of the people providing advice is now banned but not sure why. I would suspect it was not for inappropriate advice but thought I would post and ask before continuing on with the recommendations in that thread.

I have edited the post and attached a screen capture that resulted from the DISM and SFC.

I also noted at the bottom of the original post there is a "Tip" with a link to reviversoft but am not sure if that was something provided by someone at eightforums or is an external ad as it appears to be part of the post and not below the line where there is an obvious ad?

I would appreciate if someone could advise if I should continue following the instructions in this thread?

Thank you


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There is a deeper issue. Please start your own topic in BSOD section and check posting instructions to help you provide us with the data needed + CBS.log.

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