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Screen is fuzzy


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So i got a DPC-Watchdog violation and tried fixing the issue but got it again and after that i did a system reboot and installed 8.1 again, after that my screen looks worse, things like font seems off when on browsers and even the font on notepad and screen looks more fuzzy and text is harder to read, i even got a new GPU and still looks worse than before the reboot, i even switched from VGA to HDMI and switched HDMI cords and switched from motherboard to GPU ports.
Could it be a bad install of 8.1? like something went wrong with the install or could it be maybe the CPU? since i doubt both the built in intel hd 530 and the GPU i just got are both bad and i doubt the motherboard and GPU ports are bad and my VGA and two HDMI cords are bad.
My monitor is a HP 24w and my settings are on the recommended and so is the settings with the right click on mouse and go into screen resolution and my nvidia settings are on recommended.

How likely is it that it is a bad windows 8 install?
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While I cannot help you right now (not a specialist in the GPU and screen problems), but if you attach a couple of screens, it may help other people. For example, a built-in screenshot of Control Panel > Display with its settings and the same photograph of your display using a mobile camera. This way, the difference between the original "binary" image and its visible look will be more clear.

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