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Screen Blank upon installing Galaxy GeForce GT 430 driver


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Hi, I'm new on the forum, and just learning the forum. Anyway, a few days ago I upgraded my PC from Windows XP Media Center Pro to Windows 8, and when I try to install the drivers from the cd that came with the gpu, a GeForce GT 430, the monitor just goes black. It worked when the OS was on XP MCE, but now it just goes blank. I tried googling solutions but I didn't find any real solutions, so I'm trying here. The specs of my PC are:

Windows 8 Beta Consumer Preview 32-Bit

4 GB Ram

Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Viiv software (Or whatever the viiv is, I'm not the most technologically advanced person)

The GPU, Galaxy Geforce GT 430 1GB memory, DDR3, HDMI, DVI, VGA.

I have a 19 inch ASUS Plug & Play monitor. I can't really check the specs right now, so I'm currently saying these specs off memory. So, I don't know what else to provide, but can anyone help me with this? I already rebooted before, as this problem happened before. Big mistake, I had to reload the OS... System restore didn't work. And if your wondering how I got to system restore, I had to take the card out and connect to the built in video card. A little confusing? Basically:

Computer screen goes black and stays black when I try to install my Galaxy GeForce GT 430 graphics drivers. Its still blank now. Help? :(

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Hi and welcome to you.

Visit World Leader in Visual Computing Technologies | NVIDIA to download/install the driver.

Or even easier, a direct link for you: Drivers - GeForce

If you're having problems, boot to safe mode + networking. You can download/install there. Then boot to normal mode and run the installer again, so your control panel is installed well for it.

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