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Samsung Series 7 Slate (A04) Software & Driver Errors


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I recently got a Samsung 700T (A04US) and installed Windows 8 Pro x64. I had no problems with the initial installation and the OS currently runs smooth. I read and attempted to follow the recommended upgrade procedure that I found on this forum(http://www.samsung.com/global/windo...Series_7_Slate_Windows_8_Consumer_Preview.pdf). I did everything listed on this PDF but ran into a couple problems. I couldn't get the Samsung Easy Settings software to install. Even though I changed the properties of the setup.exe file to Windows 7 compatibility and Run as administrator, I get the error message, "This program has compatibility issues" and the program won't install. Also, I downloaded and tried to install literally every bluetooth driver available from Samsung's website. I also ran these setup files as Windows 7 Compatibility and Administrator. None of them work and I can tell that the bluetooth device is listed in the Device Manager as Unknown Device under Other Devices Category. From the Device Manager, I have tried uninstalling the unknown device and scanning the tablet for hardware changes. It will "find" and list it as "unknown" under the bluetooth device category momentarily but then moves it right back to Other Devices category as Unknown.

I also ran into one more problem with the graphics driver via Windows 8 Update. The machine will not successfully install/update when the two updates KB2756872 & KB2770917 are attempted. After seeing the machine continually "Fail to Install Updates, Reverting...." upon a restart, I am now just excluding them from any Windows update procedure.

With the problems I am having with the Easy Settings software, graphics card Windows updates and the inability to find a bluetooth driver that will work, should I reformat and re-install the Windows 8 pro x64 from scratch? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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