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Safest Way to Share Folders & Files oVer Local Network


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I have 4 Win 10 PCs on my local network and want to be able to share folders & files over my local network (allow full control to all users on the network), and all of the users are administrators.

In looking into it I have several choices. I can choose Everyone, Administrators, Authenticated Users & Power Users. There may also be other choices that I am not aware of.

My network is a private network, but I have concerns about sharing with "everyone" because someone could hack into my PC and access all PCs. I would prefer to provide access to specific people but can't figure out how to do it.

For example my user name is Neil on my PC and my wife's user name is Bonnie. On my pc I tried adding bonnie as a specific name but get message that name can/t be found. I also tried user her network address but that got same message.

Please advise the safest way to share files & folders over my local network. I want all of the PCs to be able to see, change or delete files.

If you can provide more help I would appreciate it.

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