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Run Win8 Hyper-V image on Win7 Virtual PC


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I am preparing to go to Windows 8 but I teach a lot of workshops. Most of the time in the workshops, my students use virtual images that I build.

If I build an image on Win8 in hyper-v, will my students be able to run this image on their Win7 boxes? They will be 32bit images. If they can't, I'm pretty much hosed since I have to be able to provide images that can be run on Win7 for quite a while.


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Hi there
I believe Hyper-V images Can be converted back to VM's that Virtual PC can handle on the W7 boxes - but it's a task as far as I can see that is NOT for the fainthearted.

Threads from THIS Forum should put you on to the right track.

Migration from MSVS 2005 to Hyper-v and the reverse

Test the VM's yourself though on a W7 box --remember also that VMware and Vbox products can't run on W8 while HYPER-V is enabled and the reverse is true too.

Here's how to convert to VMware type vm's too -- this could be a better idea than virtual PC since VMware player is FREE and reliable so the client W7 machines shouldn't have any problem installing VMware player.

Convert Hyper-V to VMWare - Blog

Converting the SharePoint and Office 2010 Information Worker Virtual Machines to VMWare from Hyper-V « Geoff Varosky's Blog

Good luck with it -- please post how you got it to work if it all turns out OK. There are tools around from converting one virtual image to another -- but you won't simply be able to take the HYPER-V virtual machines and boot them up into Virtual PC just "as is".


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