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Run a VM from a networked drive


Recently I have been trying out Windows 10 preview and instead of dedicating one of my computers to try it I made a VM in VMware 10.2 ( I think it's .2 ) and created it on my laptop ( windows 8.1 ) all was running fine and just updated it too, only problem was it seemed a bit slow so I decided to clone it and put it on the the second hard drive of a Windows 7 pro 32 bit computer ( first drive is C: and second drive is D: d: is not a partition it's a western digital 500 gig drive ). I shared the folder with my laptop over a gigabit lan card ( both machines are gigabit ) and now it actually seems to be running just as fast as if I were running it as a dedicated computer would be. I was just wondering if anyone else here does the same thing or similar and what their luck was .

Also if you know of any links that describes the best ways to set this up

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