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restore using toshiba 3.0 port, can't find documents


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So my brand new computer had to be completely replaced by Dell. In the process, the dell dude and my husband backed up all my files (pictures and office documents) to a toshiba 3.0 port. I figured out how to restore everything to the new computer, however, it restored it to c:user/erin but I think I am not erin on the new computer (I must have put myself as something else, I named the new new computer Iris, what I would have named a daughter but I only had sons). But I think it is all there on the new computer I just can't find it because when I go to the search (on the right hand side when I move my arrow over- what do you call that bar that pops up?) and I search for my files, they are there. How do I figure out what my user is now and how do I transfer them to my current user? If they are in the right user how do I find them without using search...they aren't in my documents or on my desktop as the user I am now.

Thank you in advance! I sure appreciate these forums even when I don't understand 99% of them!!!!

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