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Reset to Factory 8.0-Need To Get Back to 8.1


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Hey guys, was working on a client's machine the other day and she had Restored back to Factory 8.0 from Recovery Partition. Luckily chose the keep all her files but we were not able to use the Windows.old Folder to get back to 8.1. I used all the common methods/pathways with the time allotted. I looked it up and don't see a way to go forward to 8.1 without going through the store and do all the updates etc. I did see this command that may work, but I don't think this option was available in 8.0 because there was no forethought of this stuff ever happening.

We tried "Advanced Options" and "Settings" > "Update and Security" area's but nothing existed for using the Windows.old Folder.

Here is the command I saw on the net but didn't have time to use it: "ms-settings:recovery"

Any advice?

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