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Replace windows system apps (w/o replacing system files)?


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In my case I would like to replace cmd.exe with Take Command or Cygwin, Notepad with Notepad++. Calculator with DreamCalc, Regedit with Torchsoft Registry Workshop, and the default clipboard with ClipMate. I'm a poweruser of sorts and find these apps far superior to Microsoft's built-ins. I have already replaced Task Manager with Process Hacker 2, it has an option to do so. I want to be able to press Windows key/Super and type in any of the default builtin names, and have my custom app display instead. I have found a method which requires making a backup copy of and replacing files in %Windows%. But I'm leary of this sort of thing, so I need an alternate method. Perhaps there is some Registry entry I can modify? Environment/system variables? Anything else? Whatever the case may be, it must be easily reversible as well.

Thanks for any help!
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