Remote Desktop into Windows 8.1 mouse is not working


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I am on my Window 7 host machine. I try and mstsc into a Windows 8.1 laptop. I can remote into it successfully, however, my mouse is not responsive when in the desktop mode.

My issue. After mstsc (remote desktop) into Windows 8.1, I can use my host's keyboard and mouse successfully only in Metro mode. In Metro mode, I can click on everything and type with my host's keyboard and mouse. When I then click into Desktop mode, my host's mouse no longer works. I can no longer click on anything. I can use the keyboard though. I can alt+tab into documents and type without problems. It's the mouse that fails to respond.

When I restart the Windows 8 machine, it will eventually work, but I shouldn't have to restart the Windows 8 laptop each time I want to rdp into it.

Any thoughts?


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