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Remote Access


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I had previously given permission to someone to remotely access my laptop in order to troubleshoot my printer. This was initiated by me starting a chat session on their website with a technician. I do recall seeing something about an applet being installed/executed in order for him to gain access. So we finished the session. Perhaps I am being paranoid (or ignorant!) but are there any files or programs that I should be deleting to make sure that they cannot re-access my laptop without my explicit permission?

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While I don't know of any files you should be deleting (nor am I a security expert), you can disallow Remote Desktop Connection in system properties to reduce the ways a remote connection can be made to your machine.

Hit Start key and search 'allow remote access to your computer'.

In the dialogue box that appears Remote Assistance is enabled by default. Uncheck the box and that will stop remote connections to your machine through Remote Desktop Connection / Remote Assistance.


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