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Reinstalling windows 8.1 on laptop and needing some help with passwords


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Okay first of all I have a hp laptop stream running windows 8.1 the hard drive size is only 21.3 GB and I want to remove everything from the laptop so I can reinstall windows 8.1 with a fresh install.

I have passwords on my google chrome as well as my firefox is there a way to save all of the passwords to a flash drive or to copy all my passwords to my notepad so I can send the passwords to myself in a email.

I have several sites I use a day and some I don't use to often and still want to be able to save the information from those sites as well.

I will only be using this laptop for another week or so I am getting myself a different laptop running windows 10 from a local pawn shop I already have it on layaway. So I want to make sure there is not much on here for when I give the laptop to my sister.

Any tips on how to backup the passwords from the browsers would be a great help thank you.

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