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Recovery Thumb Drive

My HP envy h8-1534 started presenting me with "your pc had an error and must be restarted":then while booting backup
it's telling me it's doing an auto repair: then it presents me with six options on how to fix it but none of them actually do it:
so I select, Turn pc off : when I turn pc on, I get the same thing and wind up in a loop of what I said in the first sentence...
Fortunately, I made a USB Recovery Thumb Drive for Win 8.1 a few months back, but unfortunately I'm having to use it now ...
I've never used it before, but I'm on a learning curve now for the first time... my desktop now boots up properly, but here are my
1-does it just recover Win 8.1 or does it repair Win8.1?
2-how long can I leave it connected?
3- can I restart my desktop without problems?
4-can I safely turn off and back on my desktop(this is also part of #2)?
5-is it just bypassing the problem or has it fixed the problem?
6-I'm on this site because the Thumb Drive is allowing me to do this, but I'm confused on just what I should do next....
the pc is working "normally" with Thumb Drive connected, but as I said, what happens next?
I'd certainly would appreciate some feedback on this issue....am I looking a purchasing a new PC or what?
Thanks folks!

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    HP/envy 1534
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