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Recover JPEG images - software recommendations



Please can anyone help - I have moved a number of photos from a USB thumb drive to my external HDD and somewhere in the process of copying and pasting - I have managed to corrupt the pictures. Well I think I had and cut and pasted as opposed to copy and pasted the pictures. I tried 'Recuva Software' which showed the JPEG's icon and the correct number I had (350+). However when you open they are showing red crosses as images. Tried 'Recuva' again but now this is not recovering which suggest they may have been over written.

Afterwards, I tried 'EaseUs' and this does after lengthy wait showing the recovered images singularly if I enter a randomised search of JPEG from my original USB thumb drive and opening the file confirms this. Now though, I know they are there, I can only see one image at time and then it will ask for an activation code or a payment :huh: Is there a way to retrieve all my photos back again with it being a free software or another method?

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