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Recent Windows Update Error Code 80244019 - probably GWX


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I've registered for Win 10, so I check each day to see if any new updates have arrived.

Today a few times I saw error 80244019 and an update failure.

When you look up the error code you find:

Windows Update error 80070422, 80244019, or 8DDD0018

where it claims:

"If you receive one of these errors while downloading updates, the most common cause is a computer virus that has turned off Windows Update, or another service on your computer that is needed by Windows Update."

which is kind of scary.

However, trying a little later, I see things work and there's nothing new.

I suppose the Windows servers are getting jammed and thrashed around quite thoroughly.

Funny how 'Get Windows 10' may cause MS to have a denial-of-service attack of their own making.

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    I also keep two USB 3 thumb drives (A: and B:) attached with boot recovery and security stuff that I can boot into from BIOS in case of emergency


I have exactly the same problem on my Windows 8.1 Pro x64 and the MS solution provided by MS doesn't work :(. I've also found some other solution (it actually resets Windows Update) together with automated FixIt file which claims to have corrected the error, but in fact it doesn't.

I've realized that the error appears only when updates for both Windows and other MS programs are enabled. If looking for Windows updates only (to be configured in WU), the error is magically gone and updates are correctly found and installed.

However I do believe this has something to do with Win10 updates, as I have three computers at home and another two propose me to update to Win10 from the Windows Update window, while the one affected (actually my main one :( ) still shows only the Win10 icon in the tray and the option to update to Win10 is gone from the Windows Update window (for others it's offered as the first-choice update and I need to select "other updates" to see available updates).

I have Windows provided by Dell installed on this machine so maybe it looks for dedicated Win10 update for Dell computers? Has anyone found a solution to this?

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