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Problm with first name display in Outlook (Office 2010)


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I am running two computers - desktop with Win 8 - laptop with Win 8.1. both have new installs of MS Office 2010. laptop runs everything OK, exported all my mail/contacts etc from laptop to my desktop and have checked them (contacts etc) and all identical and correct. When i send a test mail on my laptop my first name (Terry) appears correctly when received on both my machines.
My problem is with my desktop - when I send a test on it, it is ok in the Sent mail box (i.e. Terry) but when I send it it appears as from Terrry - note the extra 'r'. this happens on any machine that receives my send from my desktop. i have been through ALL my settings and cannot see where it is picking up this extra 'r' from.
It is driving me up the wall! Does anyone have any ideas ?

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