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Problems with "Play"/"Play To" and Samsung bluray player


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Some time ago I purchased a samsung bluray player. The main reason was to get a 24fps capable netflix client, but it was also partly to get a media renderer compatible with Windows 8 (and 8.1) Play To/Play functionality.

While the "Play" functionality works in internet explorer (videos played OK, pictures shown in the center of the screen in low resolution) and so-so (for videos) in a 3rd party modern UI picasa viewer, I simply can't get it to work in the MS photos or videos apps nor can I get it to work for pictures in the mentioned 3rd party picasa viewer, "Picasapp". When I select devices in the mentioned apps I'm simply told something like "the app is not able to stream to any device at the moment" (I have a danish version of Windows and I can't remember the exact phrase so it's translated from memory).
As far as I can see the bluray player is a Windows certified media renderer so at the moment I'm quite stuck.

I would appreciate any help or pointers you can give me.

Thanks in advance.

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