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Problems after installing Windows 8 updates.


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I've been having some problems after installing some updates. For example, after installing these updates, every time I run uTorrent, I get a Blue Screen of Death, almost instantly. The problem is not with the software because I always used the same and nothing ever happened like that. The Blue Screens of Death were more frequent when the software was run. I researched a lot and saw a lot of people reported problems with the update KB2821895 and have not yet emerged any official response or fix patch from Microsoft. I was instructed to run in the command prompt, the following commands:

sfc / scannow

dism / online / clean-up / restoreheath

The problem is that when I run the sfc / scannow, after checking 100%, he is just standing there, frozen in 100% with no response.

And running *** / restorehealth, there was much delay and it got stuck at 20% and after a long time went to 40% where it has remained for hours, so it haven't finished the way it should.

I need help with these commands, why these things happened?

Looking foward for answers.

Thank you.


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You're not running the command in right way, read the tutorial mentioned at the below give URL and see if it can help you:

Fixing component store corruption in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 - The Windows Servicing Guy - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Post contain other commands to fix store corruption so could you successfully run sfc /scannow. Follow the tutorial and let us know what happens.

Alternatively, you can uninstall updates till Microsoft provides any fixes or patch for that. Follow below steps to uninstall any update on the system:

1. Press 'Window' + 'Q' button and type update. Tap settings and choose Installed updates.

2. The opened window will contain list of updates installed on your PC. choose the same update you've mentioned in your first post, right click on it and select Uninstall.

3. The step will begin uninstalling updates and soon confirmation window will open. Click OK and restart your PC.

That's it. The issues for that particular update will not going to happen anymore.

Good Luck Though!!

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