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Problem with Server 2012 R2


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Hello all,

I know this is a forum dedicated to Windows 8/8.1, however Im having some issues with Server 2012 R2. I know it is very similar to 8.1 so maybe someone here can help me or at least give me some good ideas. Im having a hard time finding solutions online. If someone knows of a better place or forum to go to for this, please let me know.

Anytime I download software to install on the server I get this error message:

Error Window.PNG

It happens with just about any software I download, doesnt matter what it is. Also, when trying to download something in Firefox, a lot of times it will tell me that the download failed almost immediately. The account Im using is a member of the administrators group. Ive tried restarting, running as administrator, etc. The only thing that seems to work is shift+right click -> run as a different user and running it as the built in admin account. Then most of the time it will allow me to install software or download software with Firefox.

Anyone have any ideas?


Something I forgot to add was if I do get it to download to my own user downloads folder, everytime something is downloaded the permissions are automatically set so I dont have permission to execute the file. This is what Im seeing in the security tab and permissions dialogs:

permissions window.JPGadvanced permissions 1.JPGadvanced permissions 2.JPG

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