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Problem with Booting Hard Disk with Windows 8


New Member
My problem is about Newly installed Windows 8 dual booting with an older windows 8

1st i had this old hard drive with a pre installed windows 8 on it so a bought a new hard drive and installed windows 8 on it through the old windows 8.

The installation was successful and been able to boot form it install some application on it. After that i decided to remove the older hard drive but after booting my pc with the new hard drive with the new windows 8 its not working. My pc cant detect it that its properly working but its not booting from it :(. Theres a black screen with words " Reboot and select proper boot device" . :shock: i dont know what to do so i reconnect my old hard drive then restarted my pc then the dual boot screen appeared then selected the new volume from the new windows 8 then its working .

Now i want to know how can i make it work to boot only from the new hard drive without the old hard drive i really need your help guys

Thanks in advance:geek:

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