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Problem Resetting Laptop


New Member
I have a Acer V3-551-8469 that I got semi new. Right from the start when I turned it on it wouldn't work right. It would start up with the Acer screen, then just go black. To actually see the desktop I had to sleep the computer and then wake it up. I then tried to refresh the PC but that did not fix anything so through the PC settings I selected to do full restore and erase everything. I did that and it shutdown and has just been sitting at a black screen for around 2 hours. The hard drive light is blinking. Im not sure what to do or if I should just wait it out.

My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Windows 8 Professional
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model Number
    Intel i5 3570k
    Gigabyte Z77x-UD3h
    Graphics Card(s)
    Powercolor HD 7950
    Hard Drives
    Samsung 840 Pro 256gb

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