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[Press Release] AMD Catalyst receives Windows 8 certification


Today, we are proud to announce that AMD has received Windows Hardware Certification (WHC) for an AMD Catalyst™ graphics driver on Windows® 8. This landmark moment reflects both our commitment to AMD Radeon™ graphics customers, and our vision of providing quality hardware/software solutions for Microsoft® Windows® products.

Formerly known as the Windows Logo Program, WHC is a rigorous mark of compatibility and reliability for products intended for use with Microsoft Windows. It also allows AMD to serve as an official partner in the upcoming Windows 8 release, use the “Windows 8 Compatible” logo (seen here), and offer the drivers on Windows Update.

Our certified driver has been successfully tested against several families of AMD Radeon™, AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), and AMD FirePro™ products. We’ll be able to detail these products in the days ahead.
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