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Prepping Win 8 install for active domain user


New Member
I'm struggling to correctly install Windows 8 for a specific domain user on a private x.local domain network.

First of all, the hidden admin account kinda annoys me. When I get to personalization screen, I go to control shift F3 and enter audit mode, logged in as Admin. I install all the software necessary, the usual stuff, office, chrome etc etc.

Then I reboot in OOBE regular mode, it asks me for MS account, I skip that, and then I have to enter name and password.

My usual procedure is to put users actual first and last name here, and when I log in , go to My Computer right click and change settings to domain. Now my login is PRIVATEDOMAIN\username but every single thing (almost) calls up administrator password.

I must be doing something wrong. TL DR - if I have a user added to active directory with proper settings, how do I set up the W8 machine for him?

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