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Pos Showstopper W8 -- How do I share a USB printer (Printer on W8)


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Hi there

(note Pos in title of post means Possible -- not the other meaning often shortend to pos !!).

Not being able to share printers easily WILL be a drawback.

I've run into what I hope is MY error but I can't see any way around this

Computer is running W8 Development Preview X-64 with a USB Epson 1290 Printer attached.

Printer works fine -- so no driver probs etc.

I want now to print from a Wireless Laptop running W7 X-64.

Normally it's easy between W7 machines or a mix of XP and W7 machines on the W7 remote machine add new local port \\BLACKDOG\Photoprinter

Then no prop.

(W8 Hostname is BLACKDOG, old shared name of the printer is Photoprinter).

On the W8 machine I can't find ANYWHERE to be able to set the printer shared name so not unnaturally the W7 remote machine can't connect.

I've got round the problem in a bit of a kak handed way -- I've got a W2K3 server VM also running on the W8 machine --so I've attached the USB printer via the VM settings to the VM W2K3 server machine -- now my remote W7 laptop can print.

(In the VM just disconnect the printer from the HOST and attach it to the VM -- then in the VM enable the printer as SHARED in the usual way and proceed just as if its a physical machine -- I've posted how to share printers between a mix of XP and W7 machines on the W7 Forums).

Here's the Shared setting for the printer I'm missing in W8 Where I can set the Shared Name

I hope that this get around isn't necessary but I haven't found a way round it yet -- I'm sure there must be one.


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