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Hi all,

I really hope someone can help me. Basically the problem is my external drive is encrypted with bitlocker it asks me to unlock by entering a 48 digit key or load key from flash drive, the drive is partitioned in 3 and all the drives come up with a gold padlock.

The story of what happened, I recently sold my yoga pro 2. On selling I put bios passwords on the bios for both the hard drives and the os. At the time I did this I cannot remember if I had the external hard drive plugged in as I would have wanted to remove files before selling.

Anyway as im an amateur with bitlocker I am unsure and cant honestly remember activating it in windows let alone saving a key to a flash drive. I have got all my flash drives and none have keys on them ive even tried data recovery just in case I wiped the keys by accident but nothing.

The external hard drive is extremely important to me as it has photos and videos of my kids since they were babies and wedding photos etc. I luckily backed up some via another external hard drive and the cloud but I believe im missing around half.

My questions are:

1. Is there a way to enter a normal password as I normally use 1 or 2 passwords so chances are I could get in this way.

2. I have now sold the yoga but factory reset it before it went, if I sent the external hard drive to the buyer would he be able to have the option of entering a password or anything else with the drives?

3. Is there anyway if I contact Microsoft with the possible password that they can unlock I am willing to pay, is there any software out there that could do this?

4. I used my Hotmail account to sign into my yoga would it have made a backup on that account?,

5. I did try recovering keys with this new laptop but it found only one on my account this was a dummy one I did with my current hard drive, bitlocker allowed me to enter a standard password on that hard drive it was gold padlock then changed to grey. if the external hard drive was attached to the yoga and I went to Hotmail recovery would it find a different key or basically is that it?

6. any suggestions please, I can attach screen shots if it helps, I have also tried entering the password via dos it comes up with enter password but it doesn't allow me to type anything?

many thanks guys

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P.S Please don't think im lazy and haven't goggled or binged, I have looked and worked on this from 10.30 a.m this morning till now so ive done a lot of reading but nothing

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