Pictures disappeared when Windows 8.1 created Windows.old


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I upgraded my motherboard to a Gigabyte 970A-DS3P which is just a newer version of the 970A-DS3 that was in it. I switched over the processor and memory to the new board. I could not get Windows 7 Ultimate to work even trying to reinstall it. I installed Windows 8.1. It created the file Windows.old. None of my pictures transferred to Windows.old. The folders are there but they are empty, no pictures in the folders.

Before I started all this, I created a Windows File Transfer in case I had problems getting Windows 7 reinstalled. I can't get that file to open in Windows 8.1. It keeps asking for a password but I did not put in a password when I created it.

I also have a backup file I created before I started. It will try to run but it wants to format my drive with windows 8.1 to run it.

Anyone know any work around to get my pictures back? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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