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Lately, I've been experiencing some really weird problems with my little SFF HP Slimline Desktop PC. It came to me as a DEAD hulk, and non-repairable. Well, I fixed it and it's been running Windows 8.1/Pro/64 for me for the past couple of years.
The problems started just recently, when my USB ports would just die, out of nowhere. Then at times the whole PC would just shut off, or lock up. A total Power OFF reset would restore functionality.
I can't attribute these weird happenings to Windows, but to the hardware itself.
So today, I pulled the new Crucial 500GB SSD out of the HP and transplanted it into a very similar little Acer Aspire SFF (slimline) PC, also with an AMD cpu.
The transplant didn't take too long, but much longer than Windows 8.1 took to make itself right at home in the new PC.
So far, she's running like a champ!
It will never run like the computer on the "Enterprise" (a la Star Trek), but for what I do, email, and a few web searches, and an occasional You-tube video, it's just fine.
This little Acer Aspire was another basket case that I inherited, after a lightning strike took out the on-board LAN, and corrupted the little mechanical HD.
Today, with the little PC wide open, I took the opportunity to install a new CMOS battery, and I blew out some dust, while I was at it.
And, this little Acer has an HDMI video output from the motherboard, which my HP did not have. I'm sure I'll use that some day.

I never had any previous OS that would make itself right at home in a totally new PC, installing appropriate hardware drivers, etc. But, Windows 8.1 seems to take it all in stride.

Cheers Mates!
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