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How to Add Contacts to People App in Windows 8 and 8.1

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The People app is included by default in Windows 8. It is your address book and your social app all in one. You can add your contacts, see updates on social networks (like Facebook and Twitter), and keep in touch with friends and family on Skype—all from a single app.

The People, Mail, and Calendar apps work together and share contacts from the People app. When you email a contact from Mail, the app picks up that person's email address in the People app (which is where their contact info lives).

This tutorial will show you how to add contacts to your People app in Windows 8 and 8.1.


To Add Contacts to People app by Adding Account

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When you add an account (ex: Outlook or social) to your People app, all contacts from that account will be added to your People app.


To Add a New Contact in People app

1. On your Start screen, click/tap on the People app to open it.​
2. While on the home page or all contacts page in People, right click on an empty area or swipe up from the bottom edge, and click/tap on New contact. (see screenshots below)​
3. Enter the info you want for this contact, and then click/tap on the Save Save.png button. (see screenshot below)​
4. When finished, you can close the People app if you like.​


To Add a Contact to People app from Email in Mail app

Note   Note
The Mail and People apps work together, so if you added an or Exchange account, your contacts are automatically added to the People app. For all other accounts, you need to add the same accounts to the People app to get your contacts, just like you did in the Mail app.

1. On your Start screen, click/tap on the Mail app to open it.​
2. Open an email message that was sent from who you want to add as a contact, click/tap on the name (ex: Eight Forums) of the person who sent it or any of the recipients, and click/tap on Add contact. (see screenshot below)​
3. The People app will now open. Click/tap on the Save Save.png button, and do step 4 or 5 below for what you would like to do. (see screenshot below)​
4. To "Save as a new contact" in People
A) Click/tap on Save as a new contact, and go to step 6 below. (see screenshot below step 3)​
5. To "Link to existing contact" in People
A) Click/tap on Link to existing contact. (see screenshot below step 3)​
B) Click/tap on an existing contact (ex: to select (check) it to link this new contact with, click/tap on the Link button, and go to step 6 below. (see screenshot below)​
6. The new contact as now been added to People. (see screenshot below)​

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