PC Suddenly and drastically slowed down and is booting slow on SSD.


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Some time ago my pc was booting in like 10 seconds since i bought Samsung 860 evo SSD. But one day i just woke up, turned on the PC and it took like a minute to boot and it has been like that since then so for 3 months. Overall performance also is worse and sometimes i get freezes. What is more, i noticed that after boot it always freezes for like 30 seconds and only then loads the autostart programs, but I tried a clean boot and it still took a minute so its not the autostart programs fault. I checked the SSD and HDD in every way and they are in perfect condition according to all the software. Tried sfc /scannow but shows nothing is wrong, DISM doesnt work for me Please help me because im going insane.


i7 4770k

gtx 770

windows 8.1

8gb ram.

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    Windows 8.1