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Path too long, Windows cannot delete or move files

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I copied the Pictures folder from my friend's non-working laptop using a Linux disk and external hard drive. When I try to copy it to a new Win 8 computer using Windows, Windows says the path is too long, cannot copy some folders and files. The problem seems to be some iPad photo backups that ended up in folders that are nested 12 folders deep - folders within folders within folders, etc. When I go to the deepest folder level and try to move or even delete some files, Windows refuses, again says path is too long, even though I am only trying to delete.

I assume I would be able to sort this out in Linux, but I'd prefer to do it in Windows if anyone has an idea how it can be done.


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Can you drag and drop one of the folders in the tree to a "higher" folder (eg. create C:\TEMP and use that)?

An alternative (much more convoluted) which might work is to set up a network share for one of the folders on the tree, map it to a drive (Y: say), and then delete it from there.

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Have you tried copying and moving them with Command Prompt? Just did a little bit of research online and someone said that it fixed it for them.

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