Parallel use of two (or more) network adapters


Hiyas, I just wonder if it could be somehow possible to use simultaneously both wired and wireless connection within one Windows instance where I could assign to every application specific adapter. I suppose more connections can't be easily aggregated as each uses own IP address?

As a makeshift I'm thinking of creating virtual machine with the secondary network interface tied to it, but this is already below usual user comfort.

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I worked at a place once where there were two networks for the geologists - one of their networks was super fast, and the other network was the regular-speed company-wide network. They needed super high speed for the massive amounts of geological data that they had to analyze. The geologists had two network adapter cards, one for each network.

As I recall, the company-wide network was the default network for their computers. But the geological programs would use the fast network rather than the regular network. They accomplished this by including static IP addresses for the fast network. The geological software would somehow access the network using a specific IP address rather than the normal way, and that IP address would somehow route the network traffic via the 2nd network adapter to the fast network. I don't remember the specifics, but I do recall that the fast network used static IP addresses, and that this was how the geological software was able to force the geologic traffic to the fast network.

It was a very simple, elegant, and effective solution. It worked perfectly every time.

Sorry that I can't recall the specifics of how it was set up.

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