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Outlook 2013 - Sync via Outlook.com


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I use Outlook 2013 to manage my mails. I have different mailadresses from different hosters. Until now I used pop3 to retrieve my Mail, but now I want to synchronize my Mails between the Desktop-PC (Win 8.1) and the Tablet (Surface RT). Therefore I wanted to use my Outlook.com-adress, but actually this doesn't work as easy as I had expected. The Problem is, that I don't want to have severals In-Boxes, Out-Boxes etc for the different Mail-Accounts. With Pop3 I could receive all my mails in one single .pst-File. As far as I know this is not possible with the .ost-File, which is saved with the creation of a Exchange ActiveSync Account. And if I would accept two In-Boxes etc., so that I receive my Mails with the old Settings and move the Mails into the Outlook.com-Account, this also doenst work, because it isn't possible to move Mails from my .pst- to my .ost-File. The other way around it works.
Another possibility would be to forward the Mails to the outlook.com-Account, but then I wouldn't be able to send Mails from the different Accounts within Outlook.

So does anybody know a Solution for my Problem? I'll try to sum up what I want to do:
  • receive and send Mails from different hosters with Outlook 2013
  • use my Outlook.com-Account to sync my mails, calender and contacts
  • use as little as possible In-Boxes, Out-Boxes etc.
  • if necessary - moving Mails from one Account to the Outlook.com-account to synchronize

I hope someone can help me ...

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