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Outlook 2013 - Junk mail - filtering single mails


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Hey guys,

I decided to replace Thunderbird by Outlook.

I'm just in the middle of configuring my mail accounts in the program, but I just can't find a solution to a (more or less) troublesome problem.

I'm receiving tons of spam, out of which my mail server manages to eliminate a good 95% by itself. But in between those 5% that reach me, I will have some eMails that appear to be sent by friends or even myself.
Of course, I'd like to flag them as spam; but Outlook won't let me.
The only option I got is to block the whole user; which I cannot do, as some of them are normal contacts with which I exchange normal eMails frequently.

Is there any chance to have it work like in Thunderbird, where you can flag single eMails as spam, without completely blocking the sender?

I wouldn't mind installing some sort of addon, as long as it stays within Outlook.

Thanks for any help in advance.


Jan :)

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