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OneNote Windows8 app,files lost during sync with OneNote13


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Hello everyone,
I'm facing the issue of having my university notes lost. I had the Windows8,1 OneNote application downloaded from the Store, three weeks after using it found out that OneNote 2013 was more suitable for my needs, so I downloaded and installed the program. Somewhere, during the "sync" /I am using the same Microsoft user name/, the notes I had in the App went missing. I only have the few "test" notes in the OneNote 2013. I tried checking the recycle bins, the OneDrive( Which btw was not in use at the time), and some advise I found on this forum to check the hidden "AppData" folder in my User, however it contains only the notes I created in OneNote 2013, no trace from the three weeks of notes on the OneNote App.

Thank you in advance!


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