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Offline Files Problem


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Hi everyone!
I have a problem with Offline Files in Windows 8.1, which I use to sync some files on the archive drive on my main desktop to my netbook.
It has generally worked fine for some years, but now has a problem.
What's happening is that it always says "Synchronisation Requested" on the Sync Center icon in the system tray, but it never seems to actually sync.
If I look in the Sync Center, it just says "Synchronisation Failed".
If I look at "View Sync Results" it says it started to sync and immediately failed, but there is no reason given.
Expanding the error message gives no reason either, it just says "Synchonisation Failed" and the "More details" field is blank.

If I try to update the sync manually, the same thing happens.
I've tried resetting the database with the registry entry several times, and disabling and re-enabling Offline Files, but nothing makes any difference.
I've tried setting up a new clean user profile and setting Offline Files up in that, same result.
I've tried completely deleting the "CSC" folder in case there was some corrupted files in there. No difference.
My desktop is a dual boot system with Windows 10 and Windows XP, and the problem is the same whichever OS I'm using at the server end (it always worked fine in either OS before) so I'm pretty certain that the problem isn't at that end.

The other symptom of the problem, which I assume is the same problem, is that when I try and add a new archive folder to Offline Files, the window comes up and lists the files as the are synced, but when it gets to the last one, it doesn't stop, it just carries on permanently and never goes away.
The same thing happens if I try to encrypt or un-encrypt the offline files, it goes through the motions of doing it, but never ends until I reboot.

The files are actually syncing, in that when the netbook is offline, I can see them and use them, but I can't update them as the system just shows "failed" when I try to sync them.
I have looked at the event log for Offline Files, and amazingly there are no errors recorded there, everything seems to be normal!

Anyone any idea what else I could try to kick the Offline Files system back into life?

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