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Office upgrade problem

I have Win 8.1 OS and have been using MS Office 2003 for the last 18 months 'but,' little quirks are popping
up. So I am upgrading to Office 2010...
here's my dilemma/question:
Can I just install it without doing anything else, or should I uninstall vs. 2003, should I back-up Outlook or what???
If I install 2010, will it automatically merge into or over 2003 or what??
I'm concerned about losing my email data and Word files!
Thanks ahead of time.

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Mark Phelps

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I'm concerned about losing my email data and Word files!
Understand the concern ... the, back up the files before you do the install. For Outlook, I think all you have to save is the ".pst" files; for Word, the ".docx" files (and any .dotx files you may have).

I did this a few years back and, from what I recall, I ended up with two installations of Office -- and while that generally does not present a problem, I believe it did with Outlook (that's back when I used Outlook daily).

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