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OblyAutomator is an add-on for OblyTile

Hello! If you've used OblyTile in the past, you'll know what an excellent piece of software it is. I always thought that the process of resizing icons was a bit tedious though, and when my Windows 8 install corrupt itself, I couldn't be bothered to start again. OblyAutomator should provide a solution to this. My website hosts an online database with applications, and icons that are suitable for each application. Users are presented with a choice of icons, and OblyAutomator calls OblyTile with the correct parameters, which creates the new tile.

This is a video of OblyAutomator in action:
OblyAutomator v0.1 Instructions - YouTube


Attached is OblyAutomator. It also requires OblyTile (v0.91) in the same directory. Also included is TileUploader, which allows you to add links to icons to the database. I will moderate these, so your icon link won't appear until I've decided that it's suitable and of a high quality.

I'm not sure if there's a demand for an app like this. This is a very early version, and may have a lot of bugs. Please post your thoughts and comments below!



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