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nvidia geforce 7600 GT drivers problem


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Hello guys.
I've been using Windows 8 (x64) since the beta releases and my dual monitor configuration has been working great until yesterday. However, I'm now unable to use any monitor while using the MS nvidia geforce 7600 gt driver. It's as if it's always recognizing the driver and it ends up blinking both screens (turning on/off) and that means I can't use the PC.

Looking at the even viewer, I see several messages that say something like this:

Driver Management concluded the process to install driver monitor.inf_amd64_4ff27d8fea37720b\monitor.inf for Device Instance ID DISPLAY\ACR06B0\5&17248FF0&3&UID1048833 with the following status: 0x0.

I've ended up removing the nvidia driver and I'm now using the default one which comes with windows (in practice, this will let me work with only one monitor).

Has anyone faced this problem? Any tips on how to solve it? It seems to be related with the driver, but I don't know how to fix it.

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