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Notebook starts in bios after SSD upgrade


New Member
I have an Asus X200MA notebook that I've recently installed a 256GB SSD on. First I cloned the existing hard drive, then I installed the SSD.

Unfortunately when the computer awakes from sleep or when I power it up cold, it opens up to the bios. Very annoying. It will not leave the bios until I press f10 to save new settings: If I try to leave the bios without saving new settings, it will simply reboot to the bios screen again! When I press f10 to save settings, the computer will then let me boot into windows 8.1

I've tried the following to rectify this:
(1) Upgrading the bios
(2) In the bios I've disabled secure boot and enabled CSM. The SATA is set to AHCI.
(3) Advanced startup -> and when it reboots I've chosen Troubleshooting -> Change EMFI. In the bios I've tried to create a new boot record... it doesn't seem to recall this each time it boots cold.


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