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not sure which windows 8.1 touch laptop/hybrid to buy?


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hi guys, i owned the hp enxy x2 hybrid for over 2 years and it broke down so im looking for something new. i was a big fan of the instant on thing in it. like you tap the power button and it switches on instantly like on a regular tablet or smartphone. i think this was because the hybrid has an ssd instead of a hard drive. so now i need a budget device. the lenovo flex 10 and dell 3147 seem good but they have hard drives and im afraid i wont get the same performance that i got on ssd. also, how are these new celeron processors in devices like hp x360 11 and dell 3147? my other options are asus t100 and acer switch 10 but those devices are in 10 inch screen. im looking for an ssd device win 8.1 in 11.6 screen. so can someone help? also pls tell me if the dell 3147 and hp x360 11 with celeron processor and hard drive are good enough? compared to the hp envy x2 that i owned which had intel atom processor?

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