Non-Stop BSOD's brand new system, IRQL, KMODE ntoskrnl etc


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Hello, thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me, because this is starting to drive me a little batty... I've been building computers for over 20 years now and have never run into this many problems...

so basically about a month I built a new system from scratch based around a i7 7700k processor (never overclocked it or anything crazy). I got it put together just fine and installed windows (been using 8.1) without any problems. After setting it up I started getting hit with random BSODs, all related to the network card. I googled all the errors and did everything suggested (including getting updated ethernet drivers straight from intel) until I decided it that was more than likely a faulty network card on the motherboard. So I RMA'd it (it was a ASRock Z270 KILLER SLI/AC LGA 1151 for the record), they sent me another Asrock board, got it back back together and reinstalled windows and BOOM, back to non-stop BSOD's, once again pointing to bad network drivers. Thinking I got another bad motherboard, I sent it back again and then this time insisted they let me swap it for a different brand, thinking maybe Asrock just had a bad run or something. So instead I got a MSI Z270 Gaming M3 (purposely because it had an entirely different Ethernet chipset), wiped the hard drive clean and did a fresh install of windows 8.1 and.... back to BSOD land, and yet again, pointing to the network drivers as the reason. I flashed the bios on every board before sending them back but that also didn't help. I've even tried downloading every windows update available with no luck or change.

Having no idea what to do at this point I decided to send the RAM back as well, got a new set, new install, same errors. Decided to take some ram out of a working system, fresh install windows 8.1, hit with network BSODs again. thinking maybe there was something wrong with the m.2 hard drive I decided to try and install windows on a regular sata drive, same network errors. I tried taking out the video card and reinstalling windows using only the onboard video, same errors. So at this point I really don't know what to do, the only parts I haven't returned/swapped yet are the processor and the power supply, and now it's way too late to try and return them because I burned over a month swapping the other parts.... I can try and get my year warranty from intel, but before I begin that battle I thought maybe I should seek out additional help. The logs keep insisting its not hardware related, but i don't know what to think any more.

I downloaded the CPU test programs from intel's site and I ran all the tests and it says it passed, I also did memtest86 on both the new set of ram and the set pulled from a working system, no errors detected. I can't see how a power supply can affect a lan port on three different motherboards, so I'm really confused on what to do here. here's all my minidump logs from my latest build, hopefully someone can provide me with some information. The logs keep insisting its not a hardware error, but really what else could it be? Thanks so much!

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