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No System Specs?

Members System Specs, Helpful or Not

  • Yes, they are helpful

    Votes: 26 92.9%
  • No, not really helpful

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There is no harm in having a function for system specs. In the majority of requests for help, they are seldom required though.
But, more to the point, as someone posted earlier, at this stage there is no rush to have them incorporated. They are only, as I said, to more expediently give help. It does not take long to ask the poster for the spec on an item. But, in the entire absence of Windows 8, what does anyone suggest would be the purpose on a Windows 8 site, at this stage?

The poll is a waste of time. Why would anyone object and vote no? Those are the members I would like to see posting in this thread.

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    Use several different computers during a day, so specs are irrelevant.

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