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No sound, video stops after 2-3 seconds, applications fail


New Member
I recently bought a new computer, an Asus G-Series gaming notebook. Everything has been fine with it, haven't had a problem until now and I was even getting used to Windows 8.

I turned it off this morning after playing some games and came back several hours later to play some more. My sound will not work - even when I try to test the sound nothing comes out. Video playback stops after 2-3 seconds of play. Applications fail to run properly; as an example, Teamspeak will start up fine but cannot connect to any servers, Final Fantasy XIV's patcher starts up fine but will not connect after trying to start the game, the Steam client runs in the background doing nothing after being started - it runs until it tries to verify installation and then just does nothing.

I've been looking around online for some method of solving this, but every time I come across a forum post it's not the same problem I'm having.

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