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No Longer Boots to Windows - No Restore Media


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A friend's girlfriend's HP Split 13 x2 stopped working so it was given to me to fix. I have no experience with Windows 8.1 as I went from 7 to 10. I was told by her that she has no discs or restore/recovery media or Product Key for that matter.

Situation as it exists now

  1. Boot brings this message - HP logo with "Preparing Automatic Repair"
  2. Next screen brings this message - Diagnosing Your PC
  3. Next screen brings this message - Automatic Repair: Your PC did not start correctly, Press "Restart... You can also press "Advanced options... - Restart and Advanced Repair buttons
  4. Restart just brings me back to the sequence above so I try Advanced Options
  5. Next screen brings these options - Continue, Use a device, Troubleshoot, Turn off your PC
  6. Ran Troubleshoot option>Recovery Manager>Windows System Restore does not complete successfully

Is the Product Key saved in the hardware? Can I just do a clean install? If so where can I download a Windows 8.1 ISO? Is there one on MS website somewhere? I can't seem to find anything on the HP support site.




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