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Hey there! Maybe I'm missing a quick and easy fix but I'm somewhat at a loss as it stands. My laptop (Asus X555L, Windows 8, 64-bit) woke up from "Sleep" but suddenly wouldn't play any sound. A small cross appears on the speaker icon with "No Audio Output Device is installed" appearing if hovered over.

The troubleshooter didn't give much indication so my instinct was to uninstall the Realtek HD Audio driver and restart the laptop in the hope that my laptop will sort itself out during the reboot. However, the icon appeared the same and no audio played, to make matters worse, it seems it did not reinstall the driver and no longer appears in the Device Manager.
My next attempt was to "Add legacy hardware" - this resulted in another issue. Whenever the driver was ~75% installed, I was hit with a BSOD with the error "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (RTKVHD64.sys)". On the off chance that this was merely coincidental, I attempted to install the legacy driver once again but the BSOD kept coming back at the exact same point of installation.
This brought me to my next potential solution - downloading and installing the driver manually. I tried drivers from two different sources, Asus and Realtek, to no avail. The installation wizard runs smoothly all the way until the end but after rebooting, there is no difference at all!

This brings me to my current position. Since I do quite a bit of video editing, the sound is vital so I'd love to get this fixed ASAP!

Thank you in advance!

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are you using Windows 8 or 8.1?
seems to be a driver software conflict of some sort.
I kinda had this problem on a sony laptop where the realtek driver installation was botched with a BSOD, which turned out to be a conflict with a touchpad driver & the realtek audio drivers. so I uninstalled the touchpad driver, removed the realtek driver & re-installed the realtek driver and that one completed without crashing into a bsod. I did not re-install the touchpad driver afterwards since there were no updates for that one.

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