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Solved Newest Windows Update (7/10/2014) Bluetooth Reading Error


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I had a problem with my bluetooth after I updated it just a few minuets ago. It was a problem where my computer couldn't even read the bluetooth at all even though my laptop already comes with bluetooth pre-installed into it. My computer couldn't even find the bluetooth settings in the settings. And all I could find on the matter of bluetooth after seaching the settings page was in the area where you can control your wireless connections where bluetooth could be switch on or off, which I couldn't even do that for it was ghosted out (Greyed out completely).

After many hours troubleshooting and looking into my computers hard ware I found that there was a USB Host Driver Problem. I checked if it could be a simple driver update fix, but it was up to date. Rollback wasn't an option at all either. So I just decided to fix it the simplest way possible, and that was to uninstall it and see if the computer will re-install it on restart. To my surprise the computer didn't do anything at all. Instead after deleting it, that USB driver stayed deleted, and the bluetooth worked just fine after, settings and all. Apparently that extra driver is not necessary for bluetooth and it just screws things over.

If anyone else is having the same problem with this error, I hope what I have layed out for you in this thread will be your solution as well.

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