New Win 8.1 Tablet. Want lock screen on wake+auto sign-in


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Hey All,

I've lurked forever, and have found the solutions on these forums (and the prior sevenforums) exceedingly helpful, but now I'm stuck and can't find a solution.

The scenario:

Years ago I bought a Asus Transformer Pad T100. It was great. I enabled auto-signin and everything has been fine.
When I put the tablet to sleep, then wake it up, the lock screen is displayed, but once I swipe it up it auto-signs in to windows. This is my preferred behavior as it makes the lock screen act like a non-pin lock screen on a phone, and avoids mispresses of the power button causing applications to launch.

Today, I got an Asus Transformer 300 Chi. It has been pretty great so far, except for one issue that is driving me crazy: I can't repeat the above behavior.

Basically, either I don't get a lock screen at all, or I get one requiring a password. To clarify, I've confirmed that the user accounts screens on both tablet have Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. unchecked. I do not require a password on sign-in of windows, which is great. But when I hit the power button, it just goes immediately to Windows' desktop.

On the T100, it is not set to require a password under screensaver settings, nor the Modern PC Settings' Account sections. Power settings does require a password on wakeup. And this is where things differ.

On the 300 Chi, I cannot have both the Modern PC Settings' account section to not require a password under Password Policy and power settings to utilize "Require a password". It seems these settings are linked on the 300 chi, but not the T100, even though they're both on 8.1 with all of the same updates.

Whats more, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get the 300 Chi to auto-sign in to the lock screen. It always wants me to manually type my password, which is frustrating and defeats the purpose of the tablet to an extent.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills at this point, as I can't tell any difference between the OS, and they're both all the way updated. The only other change I can see is that the 300 Chi does not have/display a HomeUsers group within the user accounts (netplwiz) window.

Both tablets are using my microsoft account.

Any and all insight on how to make it so the lock screen does display on wake, but automatically signs in after I swipe, is greatly appreciated.
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