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I'm not any type of expert, wizard, or guru. I started with Windows 95 and finished with Windows 8.1 before age and finances basically limited my ability to upgrade any further. That's when necessity sort of became the mother of a Windows 8.1 hobbyist, and over the years it has become kind of like maintaining a classic car, renewing my interest in getting in there to keep her clean and purring under the hood. These days, as life's proverbial sun sets, I wouldn't have it any other way. It gives me something to do. I'm not stuck in the political discussion forums all day long, and games or YouTube were never really my scene. I enjoy tinkering with the old desktop PC as much as anything. All of which brings me to the point. I have wondered if there are any other aging Windows 8.1 enthusiasts out there who might enjoy the drinking of a virtual beer while sharing old Windows 8.1 stories and trading general and technically unspecific notes about the wonders of the last OS they ever really needed to make. (Windows 10, maybe, but Windows 11? SMH. One of my biased observations is that 95% of Windows is stuff that 98% of users will never need.) Anyway, I like the Disqus platform, if there is one of those for Windows 8.1, (mostly because I'm familiar with using it), or I can adapt to these types of forums. I hope to get a reply because a little socialization is always a good thing, and it might as well be built around the Windows 8.1 topic. Prolly better than politics, for sure. Of course, not being a guru or wizard, keeping her humming presents endless challenges and opportunities to seek out more experienced mechanics, and maybe even offer an experience-based solution of my own somewhere down the line, limited though they may be.

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Hi there!
I'm surprised that no one has responded to your post. Because there are still quite a bunch of us Windows 8.1 fans out here.

Even though I still have Win-8.1 on about 7 PC's and a Netbook, the one I'm typing on now is one that I had to totally refurbish earlier this year, and it's happily running Windows 11/Pro/64.

I did not get the ISO from Microsoft, and I burned it to a Flash Drive with the latest ver. of 'Rufus'. Which by the way, gave me the option to have it remove all the compatibility crap that MS puts in their ISO's.
I installed the new Classic Shell, to give Win-11 a little bit of the Win-7 look, which I like. I run that on 8.1 too!

So for the sake of having something to do, give Windows 11 a try, if you have a spare HD you can install it on.
I'm 80 now, and a retired Computer tech. So far I've installed Win-11 over 20 times. It's a great OS to play with. It's just SO tweakable and malleable. Reminds me of modeling clay, that I played with as a kid.

Drop me a PM if you want any of the where to get a Win-11 ISO, etc.

Cheers Mate!
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